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August 2017 Plans

PostPosted: 05 Aug 2017, 8:54 pm
by rolyd90
Hey everyone,

So a few months ago, I needed to take *some* time off to sort out some personal stuff. I did not think I'd be away for this long.

Getting back to the server, so much things to do, so I keep't putting it off, and felt like Im taking too long.

My plans are
- Update all servers to latest version (This week - See latest post)
- Redo the whole website. (Before the end of August)
- TPS Will be fixed/less lag.
- Get back in-game more personally.

Some other plans are:
- Teamspeak or Discord, what would you use. [Vote Here]
- More to come, watch this topic.

I am sorry for taking my time but hope to see you ingame soon :)

Re: August 2017 Plans

PostPosted: 05 Aug 2017, 9:27 pm
by lothar92
Eagerly awaiting, missed very much would love for everyone to come back. A few of you have me on facebook. Msg me if your online and I will check in a heap otherwise. Lothar92

Re: August 2017 Plans

PostPosted: 06 Aug 2017, 12:02 am
by gamegodone
I'm definitely looking forward to bringing this place back. This was the first server I ever joined, so the thought of making things active again is great! Look forward to helping how I can and seeing this place become something again :D Also excited to talk to you on the server more!

Re: August 2017 Plans

PostPosted: 10 Aug 2017, 8:26 am
by rolyd90
Status Update 10/08/17:

- Removed 'Username Change Plugin' (OneUUID)
Technical stuff/reason why: The plugin didn't close the MySQL Connection, so when a player logged on after no one was on the server for a couple of hours, it sometimes said there username was changed (When they didn't change their username). This is currently removed from all servers.

- All virtual machines, operating systems up to date. (Just backend maintenance)
- Test/Check backups are working
- Setup test server from scratch
- Started going through Survival Server plugins/trying to update or fix any that are causing issues with the new version.


Will update again when I have more information available.

Re: August 2017 Plans

PostPosted: 10 Aug 2017, 3:35 pm
by rmc10
Nice work boss :confinishline:

Re: August 2017 Plans

PostPosted: 10 Aug 2017, 4:42 pm
by lothar92
Would like to add that I logged on thisafternoon to 20 tps, with less than a second tp lag. servers running the best ive seen it =) GJ rolyd90

Re: August 2017 Plans

PostPosted: 16 Aug 2017, 6:51 am
by rolyd90
Sorry about the delay. I ran into complications I did not expect.

The survival and hub servers are nearly upto date.
I will need to replace the AdminCMD plugin, this has not been updated since early 2014. It is now completely broken.

This effects; /homes; /kits (command and donation); weather commands and a few other small things.
Working on a suitable replacement now. No one will lose their home locations.

And will need to fix voting plugin, before I update.

After the Survival Server is updated; the other servers will be easy to update. (Since they mostly share the same plugins)


After the survival server is updated; the donation page will be modified and/or offline, while I fix it to work with the latest version. It will be back to normal when all servers are up to date.


ETA: 2-4 days I hope. Till survival/hub is updated. After that creative; then skyblock then hardcore.

Plugin Update Notes Here (MODs & GM's only)

Re: August 2017 Plans

PostPosted: 27 Aug 2017, 7:47 pm
by lothar92
update? also are we getting discord?

Re: August 2017 Plans

PostPosted: 01 Sep 2017, 10:10 pm
by SimonKangaroo
lothar92 wrote:update? also are we getting discord?

Hope it's team speak, so much better :D

Re: August 2017 Plans

PostPosted: 01 Sep 2017, 11:02 pm
by lothar92
Agree to disagree Simon =p