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Sunrise Update



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Post 10 Oct 2013, 11:56 am

Sunrise Update

An update on what's going on, things to see, who has moved in, where to buy stuff and land for sale.

The Skyscraper Comp
Most of the buildings have been completed, prize monies paid out and the building moved to manhattan. Elzy's building looks finished, but wont be moved until I've checked with the team. Chiiuh's ice and quartz tower looks amazing. It's nearly complete, so should be moved in a few days. If you havent seen it already, go check out smegs food factory building, with its slanted water roof. The last steps for the comp are to relocate the last buildings from /warp sunbuild out to their permanent homes at manhattan. The skyline looks amazing already.

Check it out at /warp manhattan There's a map near the warp.

Land Sales
Constructed homes have been finished by getvegan, kneesa, Inulover10, 55170, meach51 at Fremantle. Oddworld_chris browneyninjaa and rmc10 are building. RMC's tennis court and boat dock are worth checking out. I love his roundabout in the driveway! There are still about 8 blocks available, prices in Fremantle go from about $100k upwards.
There is a real estate office with a map and prices at the warp. /warp fremantle.

Blitz and choninik are both building at North Sunrise. Hui and smeg have finished homes there too. Check out Blizt's lava lighting at his front door, and his emerald sliding doors.
Prices in N sunrise start at $30k, with no building restrictions in many areas.
There's a map and real estate info at /warp land.

Mantattan, the land of skyscrapers, also has two apartment buildings. smegjez has designed a very modern look, with a bar (for us drinkers) in the lobby. Apartments here are $30k, with perms to decorate and set them up how you want. I plan to bribe getvegan to install a couple of his great elevator systems, so visitors to your unit can tp straight to your front doors. Views over sunrise harbour are amazing from the units. A beer on the balcony as the sun sets. aahhhh, great!
Manhattan has a map near the warp and its easy to walk round, as everything is piled high :)
There are also two penthouses, one on each tower. Smart builders will buy two or more adjoining units and combine them... you'll see what I mean.
/warp manhattan to check it out.

I've built my house in Wolf Bane, between Sunrise City and manhattan. badasspixie has the block next to me and, after seeing her fantastic French cottage at sunrise, I'm looking forward to seeing her country house. There are still a couple of very large blocks for sale in Wolf Bane, prices are around $140k, but smegjez might negotiate on these to get them sold. Views are great all round and wolves walk in your door almost every day.
Go see it all at /warp wolfbane

Please note that all proceeds from land sales in Sunrise suburbs go to the sunrise account. This is 100% used for raffles and spending on the city. No-one makes any personal profit from Sunrise.

Things to See
/warp manhattan
Manhattan's skyscrapers are worth a look. Vegans elevator system in the Cow Industries building is seriously cool, takes you instantly to the floor of your choice no more elevator musak...
Also, look at smeg's Police HQ, complete with cells and the cop's coffe cafe. Inu's Horse Breeders building is in place, so is the bank of Sunrise, built by mingjetan. Both of these are getting more functions added, including infinite horse supplies at admin prices and banking and account management. Vegan might be persuaded to offer loans through the bank, if we can get him off GTAV long enough. The last few buildings should be in place over the next few days, so check back to see developments.

Kneesa's bling house is definitely worth a visit. Its at 2 Hampton road, a short walk west of the fremantle warp. Bling everywhere, a zillion dollars of emeralds, (including a dome!) an emerald infinity pool and a water door main entrance. While you are there, walk north across the lake to see Inu's place and 55's home, both on Pagnell Court.

There are stables in each suburb. The buildings are easy to recognise and they stock free horses for use in Sunrise and the suburbs around. Help yourself to a city horse to travel around, but please leave it back in a stable when you are finished. If you live in sunrise, take one home and park it in your garage. City horses may not be removed from Sunrise or the town suburbs. Visitors who kill horses or steal saddles, be warned: the city council will track you down. That's griefing and might get you a ban.
There are stables at every suburb warp. /warp sunrise nsunrise fremantle manhattan wolfbane

Things to buy
The temp admin shop is still onsite at /warp sunbuild. It s a good place to buy building materials at admin prices. Note that it doesn't buy stuff, you have to go either to the mall or /warp shop to sell things. This shop might get taken down once the Skyscraper comp is wrapped up. It was built at a time when the mall was being renovated, so it will be redundant after the comp and now that the mall is re-opened.

There is a potion shop at /warp manhattan too. The old Saloon has moved out to here. The shop sells a full range of MC potions. Watch out, the witches visit a couple of times a week....

Chiiuhh and mingjetan have built a new shop on Hampton Road, fremantle. I think its going to sell their clever kits, as in the mall shop. Their shop is West of the fremantle warp (turn left when you arrive, its about 50m)

There are now shops for sale in the minimall at Sunrise. The City has bought the rental shops back from rmc10 and we want to get good shopkeepers in there to revitalise the mall, as more people are moving to sunrise. If you are an experienced shop owner and want to open out in Sunrise, come talk to meach or smegjez ingame. We want good shops and sucessful shop owners, so prices are negotiable and might even be subsidised if you have the skills to run a shop well.
The minimall is across from the main sunrise warp.

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Post 11 Oct 2013, 9:58 am

Re: Sunrise Update

Sunrise is looking great meach. :D I keep meaning to go and buy my plot! Ive been building in single player to see what i could build in it.
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Post 28 Oct 2016, 4:33 pm

Re: Sunrise Update

Yeah real estate activity is again picking up everywhere around the world. My cousin works in a Dove mountain Luxury Real Estate company and he was telling that now they see good appreciation on properties quarter wise and buying activity is back in market.



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Post 28 Oct 2016, 7:27 pm

Re: Sunrise Update

Wow, what a random post, hahahaha



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Post 29 Oct 2016, 2:41 pm

Re: Sunrise Update

yeah, ha ha :conexplosion:


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Post 30 Oct 2016, 1:57 pm

Re: Sunrise Update

Yeah I think this is a troll post.
None of the warps work!

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