Post 01 Nov 2016, 8:16 pm

Re: Warps

Howdy A_Dead_Bunny_NZ

This might be of little help to you ingame try

/warp list -w world2 or /warp list -w world2 2 (for next page etc)

it will reduce the search parameters of the /warp list command to only display the public warps in the main Survival world.

From there it will display around 11 pages of results..You could take screen shots if you wanted to

Public warps = Green
Your warps = Blue

some other commands , hope this is of some help :greetings-cya:

/warp assets|limits [player] - Lists all warps owned by a player.
/warp list [-c creator] [-n name] [-r radius] [-w world] [#] - Lists warps.
/warp info|stats <name> - Displays information about a warp.