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Need a cheap mall place



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Post 04 Jun 2013, 6:46 pm

Need a cheap mall place

I Need to find a cheap place in the mall for around 30000 dollars or less


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Post 04 Jun 2013, 10:23 pm

Re: Need a cheap mall place

copycath wrote: 30000 dollars or less

Most of the shops in the mall are around to 10,000-20,000. It depends of the size of the shop. The shop I got, which was pretty big, I got for 16,500 dollars.

If you want a REALLY small shop. Buy a shop at the food court. I think they are around 10,000-15,000. But if you want a big one, it can go up to 20,000, BTW, food court is at /warp food.

For more information, ask, SirVegan, for he owns the economy.

EDIT: Also I suggest buying a shop near places where people mostly visit, or else no one will go to you shop. Or if you want, go to a famous town/village/island/warp etc. to get a shop for like...$500...lol

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