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A Note about PM's and private info



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Post 06 Apr 2012, 1:55 pm

A Note about PM's and private info

We recently had an issue raised by a player about private messages and private info. While it is believed that its illegal to view such info allow me to clear it up...

It is illegal to gather info by brute force or steal it from an individual should said info be private and confidential. A system administrator game or not typically has access to all info being broadcast on a server. Rolyd.com has Administrators. Part of our job is to ensure the server runs smoothly and aide in player issues. The console displays everything. This is part of a server. This isn't an add-on nor is it an option. Will Rolyd.com share account details if you broadcast them in PM's? I should sure hope not. Personally I couldn't care less and hopefully fellow admins feel the same. Have I seen things come across PM's while in console? You bet. I've even once had a joke with the same player about it once. Funny thing is...I have no clue who that player was now. I couldn't care less. Nor do I have even a slight remote idea what it was about. That is the way administrators should see such info.

Our logging plugin logs everything. Every block place and all. This tool has allowed us to do multiple things for the players;

1. Rollback damage done by idiots who grief you...
2. Catch x-rayers and other cheaters in the game...
3. Find your missing house when you forgot to /sethome...
4. See who placed a block on your land...
5. etc...

Rolyd.com is behind a firewall and data in the logs is ONLY made available to the Administration. Data more than 1-2 weeks old is removed from access and stored in backup form only to allow us to restore the server should a major problem arise. We don't intentionally watch everything all of you guys do nor do we really care about what you PM eachother. In all reality not all admins have console access and I think Roly and I are pretty much the only two that really have ever fooled with it. We do keep a close eye on the server at times. We do get suspicious of some players. However, this isn't very often and its almost always a result of a new player. The simple reason behind checking up on a new player? We want to keep the game fair for you guys. The people who've stuck around. But wait...don't admin/mods occasionally teleport to other players? Players who never cause trouble and have been around for ages? You've better believe it. But why? I can sum that up in three words...most likely...-we like you-. We enjoy having you around. Because of this we enjoy seeing what you build or dropping by to give you a cookie, apple or other small gift.

For those who don't know. Your ISP...yep those people who provide your internet can see every single thing you do. Every torrent file you download? Yep they know the exact file name. This also goes for MMO games and FPS games. Play battlefield? Well in Battlefield the command console shows admins everything. Ever play WoW? I was a GM for Blizzard. Did you know Blizzard actually employs people to do nothing more than watch all types of chat? They are looking for gold farmers, character farmers and hackers. Back in the day GM's also had the ability (though I hear they don't any more) and were responsible for their shard or server.

Thing is we've made it no secret that we have a datalogger to aide us in administering the server. We could get rid of it a suppose. However, we would never be able to undo griefing, mistakes made by players (like accidentally burning down your entire town, yes this nearly happened once), or mistakes made by admins. We could restore from a backup. But it could mean as much as a week of changes lost forever.

If players have concerns they are more than welcome to address those concerns with any of us.
-Dale :moderator:In-game admin/GM

Refuge: n. That which shelters or protects from danger or from distress or calamity; a stronghold which protects by its strength or a sanctuary which secures safety by its sacredness; a place inaccessible to an enemy.

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Post 06 Apr 2012, 3:59 pm

Re: A Note about PM's and private info

Just to add some more information for players. The game server, and webserver are totally isolated from eachother, meaning the webserver is running its own database, while the minecraft server just runs craftbukkit and its own database.
These are two physically seperate machines. No one but myself can access the webserver database, while the webserver has read-only access to the minecraft database.

Administrators and Moderators have access to the minecraft database, to use tools like hawkeye.
You guys have access to the statistician through the webserver, what goes read-only to the minecraft server.


Don't know if that information is much use to you, but while I am running this server, your private information will remain safe. I have no interest other than to see the server continually run smoothly.

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