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IP/Server Address Update

PostPosted: 31 Jan 2016, 12:18 am
by rolyd90
So over the last few months, I been changing how the backend of Roly's Minecraft works.

Its changed from one single server, to be able to host minecraft multiple servers and spread the load and traffic around them.

I have a bungeecord server in the cloud, what connects to my main server, and any other server I want to spin up in the cloud.

I also have setup a way to load balance the connections to the Main Server, and do failover. So it spreads the player connections to both connections and if one of my internet connections to the server goes down, you will be disconnected but be able to reconnect again, automatically to the other connection.

So this should equal less lag (since better load balance solution) to players, if all goes well.

The old server IP Address's were (these will not work):

The new IP of the game server is:

But I recommend you connect to one of these domains: or

The reason you would want to connect to a domain rather than IP is, if it changes I can update the domain records to point to the new server IP.

The current 'IP' of the game server can handle up to 150-200 Players between servers. Before I would have to get a more powerful BungeeCord machine.
So the IP should not change any time soon. Unless we get alot more players.

Re: IP/Server Address Update

PostPosted: 31 Jan 2016, 12:47 am
by rolyd90
So if you don't know about Cloud Computing - Wikipedia
(It's pretty much computers/servers you can rent from providers, in datacenters)

I'm currently using a Hybrid approach to this.

Some equipment to host Roly's Minecraft I will host onsite, and some offsite.

And some I will host offsite or onsite depending on cost, performance and security.

For example, A PvP server or something you need really good connection to, might be better located on the cloud for example due to their huge internet pipes.

The Survival server I reckon is better hosted by myself on site, I can do backups more faster, the server is performing great cpu/ram wise.
Its nice to have a powerful dedicated machine to host your main server. (To get something with this specs from a cloud provider would cost alot per a month)

And things like webserver/forums are hosted locally.

Any other servers I add to the network, I can decide what platform (local or cloud) to add it to and this will be all transparent to the end player.

I hope that makes sense, if you have any questions let me know below.