Post 28 Dec 2015, 5:24 am

Lock Database Mistake

So this morning, as I was changing database data for LWC. I mistyped a command, and as a result changed some data in the LWC database.

Any /cprivate protections before 10-12-2015 02:05am is untouched/restored from backup.

All /cprivate protections from 10-12-2015 to the 28-12-2015 (Last 18 Days) are still there, the only thing I lost is the advance settings on the locks. (flags 'magnet', extra players, passwords)

Sorry about this everyone,

Normally I would have daily backups of the database, but currently fixing my Backup Server what suffered a Operating System SSD Die.

Plans are put into place so this will not happen again. Daily Database backups, world backups every few hours, backups are stored in more than one location (nightly), are up and running.

Plans for future, fix Backup Server (1Week)

If anyone has questions, ask below or PM me.