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New Leaderboard Idea



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Post 01 Mar 2017, 9:06 pm

New Leaderboard Idea

I was thinking a new leaderboard could be created that shows who the highest earners are. This would divide the total money earned by a player by the number of hours they have played. This might make a discrepancy between the players that afk all day and all night and those that are actively playing. This might also allow newer players on to a leader board. What do others think?

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Post 02 Mar 2017, 12:16 am

Re: New Leaderboard Idea

This is technically possible. But the current online times with '/whois' command on the survival server, might be removed in the future (If I change from AdminCMD plugin to something else)

So i cannot be certain that playtime on survival server will be there forever.

Multiple ways to add this, since the money amounts is already stored in a MySQL database, if I add a plugin like this BungeeOnlineTime online player times will then also be stored a MySQL database aswells.

Then from that could calculate the playertime & money. And display the results in a java plugin or on our website.

I'm currently redesigning the whole rolyd.com website, tho in my spare time. So its a feature I could add.

Tho my coding skills are beginner like, I cannot promise anything. I know its possible with someone whom knows more than myself.

Also if I add a 'new' plugin, everyone's playtime will begin at 0, unless myself/MOD's/GM's manually change it.

My question for the topic is, how many people want this?


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Post 03 Mar 2017, 4:42 pm

Re: New Leaderboard Idea

we will end up with multiple leader boards as the amount of servers/maps grow wont we ?

i'm pretty keen to keep my time stats and i'm sure some others would be to so let me know if you need any help in manually changing to a new plugin :via09:

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