Post 12 Aug 2018, 5:23 pm

Ban Appeal For Zipzo.

Dear fellow staff and users of Roly's server,
I am writing this message today to tell everyone (most importantly Blaze), how sorry I am for the actions, that I did not think through, this also includes the regrets that I have done in the past. What I did does not deserve me to be welcomed back into the community. I ruined the server with my impulsive act as a young child. I'm glad that I got this consequence from the server, because it has shown me that there are things that can not be undone.

I loved Rolyd's MC server so much, it gave me a chance to have fun with people and to do my own stuff. I should have never acted in these ways that got me banned. In the time I spent being banned, I didn't go on MC for about 6 months, I joined again for another month, left MC again... I then joined back again, after the long period I spent in school. During the time I spent on MC, I decided to create my own server to see and feel the pressure that is put on owners of servers. I ended up getting about 24 users on my discord server which I was proud of. But most of all, it showed me that you rely on the players of your server to play by the rules. After about 3 weeks of owning the server, I couldn't run it anymore :/

It helped me though, to realise the stress that you as staff and Roly go through.

Once again, I am so sorry to the players that I effected in my time of playing on Roly's server. And to you Roly, I am sorry that in the time I had been playing on the server, I ruined some of it.

All I ask from you (members and staff), is that you give me one more chance. If you catch me doing something again, ban me forever. I won’t even make a single post ever again on the server. I loved this server so much, in fact, I still have it on the top of my MC list to this day, hoping that maybe one day I can be pardoned for what I did. I see at least 2-4 players on a day, I would hope that maybe I could be one of those players.

I conclude to say how sorry I am, and that you think this through. I am now two years older than what I was when I was banned. So I have matured so incredibly much.

I'm sorry.

Kind regards,
- Zipzo.
P.S - Sorry for the long post.
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