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Read This:

You must use your exact in-game username.

Things that aren't allowed.

You must have enough inventory space free in-game before buying.

If you wish to sponsor a member, put their exact in-game username, instead of yours. (This can be done with any package)

Can take 1 - 5mins to process once payment has went though.

Any suggestions for packages can be posted on the forums.

There is no requirement to donate to play.

Lastly, All donations / package purchases are intended to support the server costs and maintenance fees.

For more information or support please contact rolyd90@rolyd.com


In return for certain donation packages the player may be entitled to certain virtual goods.
This is not a requirement to play.
All donations are non-refundable and will be subject to an expiration date.
Rolyd.com does not guarantee service.
The rolyd.com minecraft server may be subject to downtime in the event of hardware/software complications or upgrades.
Donations do not guarentee the length of service of the rolyd.com minecraft server.
Donations do not increase chances for successful appeals to bans nor does it lower chances of such an event from occuring.
All players are held responsible for their actions and are subject to the rules as posted in game and on http://www.rolyd.com


Thank You!

To everyone who has donated

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