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Latest News

August 2017 Plans
View the latest news about the server and the website [Click Here]
Posted: 8th August 2017 by rolyd90
Skyblock Added!
Come check out our new skyblock server. Just try not to fall!
Once joined type /island to bring up the interface.
Posted: 15th January 2017 by rolyd90
IP/Server Address Update
Last week I changed some of our Minecraft server Infrastructure to be in the cloud.
This resulted in our IP being changed.

Try to connect to one of there address's below if you have issues,
the domains will always point to Roly's Minecraft.

If you want to know more [Read Here]

Posted: 30th January 2016 by rolyd90
Hitler Looses his sh1t about a Rolyd.com crash...
Forum Topic Here
Posted: 5th January 2016; Video by dale00474
Posted: 12th July 2015; Trailer by Mingjetan
Server Username Change Form
Here at Roly's Minecraft, I have been trying to get most of the plugins updated supporting UUID player format, but there are still some plugins that are not yet compatible that we use...

Read the forum topic [Here] for more information on how to join with a new/changed username.
Posted: 8th March 2015 by rolyd90

People have been busy building! You can find screenshots of all the amazing work people have done. Visit our Forums > Screenshots or visit our Facebook page.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!
Posted: 30th March 2013 by rolyd90
WTF is a GM or MOD?
Many players wonder just what is a GM or MOD? In this post you'll be acquainted with the titles, what it means to be one and just how you go about being one. [Read More]
Posted: 19th January 2013 by dale00474
Come visit us on Facebook!
For all the latest news, player screenshots, run by our community. [Take Me There!]
Posted: 4th September 2012 by rolyd90



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